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The application Live Cams View has collected in a big database all the interactive cameras with remote control (Pan Tilt Zoom) published on the web, with an advanced technological interface.
The philosophy of Live Cams View is to privilege strongly the emotion of acquire the total control of the cameras live from the whole world.

Live Cams View
The Live Cams View staff has made a catalogue of all cameras with an original, suggestive photographic shot to offer the best navigation experience.
You will find yourself projected live from one place in the world to another, to visit and see in real time the historic centre of European cities, the Californian beaches with people surfing, mountain resorts with people skiing, fabulous exotic beaches or else interiors of Megastores. What you can do with Live Cams View is a real mental trip, and all of it just on your iPhone or iPod touch through Wi-Fi and 3G connection. The database is updated constantly in order to introduce the new remote cameras available and eliminate the ones that because of technical problems wouldn't work anymore.

Live Cams View offers you the possibility to navigate the world with different navigation options:
  • Satellite map: possibility of finding the correct localization of the city or place you are looking for, where the camera has been implemented with its connected photographic icon from which you can take direct control with a touch.
  • List of geographically ordered cameras.
  • Random: visualization in a grid with 12 cameras at the same time on one screen.
  • Favorites: the grid will also show the webcams that you have previously saved as favorite.
  • Recent: the same grid will show the latest webcams inserted in the database.
A smart tool will help you to search and select groups of cameras through geographical areas, through 17 categories (urban areas, sea, mountains, countryside, rivers, lakes, beaches, slopes, skyline, sport, swimming pools, interiors, ports, airports, railways, university, animals) or through a list of the last cameras inserted.

Main features
  • New generation PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) viewer with transparent sliders.
  • Photo. This function saves the current view in the device's photo album.
  • With the Light function you can adjust the camera aperture so that the image appears brighter or darker.
  • Local time indication.
  • For precise remote control, you can tap over the image to centre the scene into that precise point.
  • Presets: almost all the cameras have a variable number or interesting views, accessible from a list.
For best performances a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

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